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Bachelorette Parties and Birthday Parties are always available in Savannah, GA and Los Angeles, CA

Bachelorette Party Idea:


It's a thing... Bachelorette Parties are better when you come to Savannah GA. 

Hell, any party in Savannah is sure to be a blast! 

Why?   Savannah is one of the only 8 cities in the USA where you can carry your adult beverages on the street and its 100% legal!  That's right, take your champagne to go!  That's why so many bachelorettes come to Savannah to PARTY!!!  The quaint Savannah bars are lined down the streets of the magical & historic city.  Even though it's in the "Bible Belt", the bars stay open until LATE! LIKE  3 AM!   Okurrrrrrrrr!!!! 

"Late nights and to go cocktails?! Am I dreaming!? "  No honey, this is Savannah.  Welcome!   

Bachelorette parties are taking place every night in this town.  You can't go out for a drink without seeing a group of fun-having ladies sipping on pink dick straws, wearing pink boas,  rocking crowns and the sashes that say "The Bachelorette".     If you are lucky, these ladies will ask to get a hug or a kiss  (or more) to tick off their scavenger hunt!  It can get pretty crazy out here.  Surely these wild ladies need some time to work on their beauty, swag, confidence, and hair flips, Right?  RIGHT!!!! 

DANCE How I Want To offers On-Site or In-studio Bachelorette DANCE Parties!  Learn a sexy dance with your favorite bachelorettes.  Choose from hip-hop or heels dance parties.  We can make it as sexy or funky as you want.  You get to decide what your group will learn.  You pick the song, make dance move requests and get a video at the end.  If you want to focus on floor work, your instructor will focus on floor work.  If you want to learn a line dance, we will make you a line dance bachelorette class.  Whatever you can dream of, we can create and teach.  This isn't just a job for us, this is our passion.  

These Dance Parties have been such a success for our bachelorette groups that they always send their friends back to Savannah for more!  Every single group has had a blast and has used their dance to perform at the wedding!  How amazing!?  Of course, not everyone is required to perform for the wedding, that's totally up to the bride.  

Come party with us.  All levels are welcome.  Our staff is trained to understand the level of each individual and make sure that your team learns the moves properly.  We are beginner friendly and ready to give you some advanced action as well.  

If you have a lot of ideas for your dance party, we will work with you to create the most incredible dance party ever!  

Call us today to schedule your dance party.  

We do birthdays and events as well.  

No matter where life takes you, Always Dance How You Want To! 


Note:  We started teaching these dance parties in Savannah GA .  It was a blast.  

Then, our owner moved to LA to train with the dance-gods.  

This makes Dance How I Want To officially bi-coastal. 

We are located in Savannah and in LA.   

Call us today to schedule your Bachelorette Party.  





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